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Friday, 06 January 2023 18:16

Tips for Preventing Toenail Infections

FASCO nailinfections 1During the winter season, our feet may become a bit neglected because unlike the warm, summer months, they spend a lot of time hidden inside socks and shoes, but our podiatrists at Foot and Ankle Specialists of Central Ohiowant to remind you that it’s important to pay attention to your toenails year round! Fungi that cause infections to your skin and nails thrive in warm, dark areas, which is why it’s important to follow these tips to prevent toenail infections like toenail fungus

  • Practice good hygiene- Keep your feet and hands clean by washing them regularly!
  • Keep toenails trimmed- Cut them straight across rather than in a curved fashion
  • Change socks when wet- Nail fungus thrives in dark, moist areas, so if you have sweaty feet, opt for moisture-wicking socks and change them often.
  • Alternate footwear- Give your shoes time to air out by rotating the shoes you wear each day. 
  • Choose footwear that have breathable material- Opt for materials that allow for circulation around the feet.
  • Do not share shoes or socks- Fungi can breed in your shoes and be transferred to feet so avoid sharing with other people. 
  • Apply anti-fungal powder in your shoesto prevent spores from spreading.
  • Protect your feet with footwear in public areas- Fungus can spread through contaminated floors, so wear shoes in locker/shower rooms and swimming pools.
  • Seek treatment from a podiatristif you notice any changes in texture, color, or odor. 

Get expert nail care

If you suspect a fungal infection, it is important to get treatment early to prevent worsening or spread. At Foot and Ankle Specialists of Central Ohioour podiatrists provide fast and effective treatments of nail infections so you can achieve clearer, healthier nails. If you notice any other issues with your toenails, like pain or abnormal nail growth, consult with our experienced podiatrists! No one wants to deal with embarrassing nails, so get treatment now before sandal season. Contact any of our offices in Columbus, Gahanna, Dublin, Lancaster, Newark, and Pickerington to request an appointment today!

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